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Ultimate Honkai Star Rail Buff Guide: Choose Excitation for Victory

In the latest 1.6 update, the Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction game mode has been introduced, offering an exciting challenge for players. This mode tests players’ abilities to clear waves within a limited number of rounds, adding a thrilling element to the gameplay experience.

Players are presented with a choice of three potent buff effects: Erupt, Excitation, and Rupture. Each of these buffs has unique applications of shatter on enemies, providing opportunities to enhance damage output and expedite wave clearance.

When navigating the Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction game mode, players often seek guidance on the most effective buff to utilize.

Excitation is considered the top choice for buff effects in the Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction game mode. It stands out due to its consistent application of shatter to enemies, with an 80% chance to apply 1 stack of shatter. This reliability allows for effective wave clearing through chain reactions of shatter explosions.

Following closely is the erupt buff effect, which offers a rapid accumulation of shatter debuffs through ultimate abilities. However, the drawback is the dependency on ultimate abilities, resulting in a slower pace compared to excitation. To mitigate this, players are advised to include characters like Tingyun or Huohuo, who can help recharge ultimate abilities quickly.Rupture, one of the buff effects in Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction, is currently considered less effective compared to other options. This buff increases the ultimate damage of your team when an enemy with a shatter stack is defeated.

The issue with this mechanic is that stacking excessive damage is unnecessary, as overkilling enemies does not yield additional points. Instead, the focus is on swiftly defeating enemies and clearing waves. As a result, most effective lineups in Pure Fiction consist of three damage dealers and one support, prioritizing fast enemy elimination over stacking damage buffs on a single ally to clear a wave.

If you are facing challenges in clearing waves or defeating bosses in Pure Fiction, you may consider using the rupture buff effect. Otherwise, the excitation buff may be a more suitable choice.

Have you ever wondered what “shatter” means in Pure Fiction?

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